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Commercial Safe Rooms Storm Shelters

The most valuable asset of any company is not their facilities, machines or products. It’s their team of employees, executives, and clients. Torshel can help protect them while at work with a commercial multipurpose storm shelter, panic room, and safe vault in the event of a tornado, hurricane, robberies, shootings, and other type of incident that may put in danger their safety. You, your staff, and clients will have a peace of mind by counting on having a safe room ready for any threating occasion.


Entities that conduct vital services or protection to the community, such as police stations, and fire departments have purchased storm shelters from us. Banks, gas stations, law offices, small, and large businesses are now installing safe rooms in their premises.


Torshel Commercial Storm Shelters are intended for short-term use, typically a few minutes to a couple of hours. Such units are not considered to serve as Community Shelters. Those types of units require different amenities and are intended to offer protection and coverage for longer periods of time. Our safe rooms can be installed inside your home (i.e., garage) or outside on a poured concrete slab floor.

In order to conduct a thorough and professional relation with our clients, Torshel is willing to send out to the clients’ site a company representative to go over questions and concerns the client may have, and to evaluate the actual location of the installation site. 

Safe Rooms for Businesses

Your employees spent 8 or more hours at their work place. Offices for the most part tend to be lined up with glass windows, which is not a safe surrounding during a storm.  Trying to remain safe during the next severe weather event such as a tornado in such conditions is futile. Your business associates; staff, and clients deserve the proper degree of safety during tornado and panic emergencies.

We advise installing safe rooms throughout your company’s facilities.

Police and Fire Department Stations

Those who are the first responders to community or individual crisis ought to be protected during the occurrence of devastating storms.  Their lack of proper protection against nature’s most violent storms can have a negative impact on the rest of us.

Case Study –Hattiesburg, MS

Hattiesburg, MS, has seen its share of devastating storms. In 2016, the Fire Department of Hattiesburg, MS (Station #2), was severally damaged by one storm.  Fortunately, all the firefighters survived and went on to help their community immediately during this natural adversity.

The City approved funds to purchase a medium size safe room, spacious enough to protect the staff of 5-6 people at one of the stations.


Across the nation, powerful tornados have been reported as the cause of an increasing number of fatalities and injuries in schools. Ducking and covering in the hallway or auditorium of a school during a tornado is not enough. Torshel can install safe rooms in existing schools, inside each classroom or during construction of a new facility. We encourage parents and schools to organize fundraisings, since federal funds are hard to obtain or are simply not available.

Optional Features Available for Storm Shelters

Second/Emergency Door

We can add a second door to any storm shelter. Such door can serve as an escape door, should the main door be blocked. The door can swing in or out.

Cost: $1,000