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Tornado and Hurricane Shelters for Horses

Horse Shelters

Horses are part of the family and a valuable animal in the racing and other equine industries. When a tornado or hurricane takes place, it is hard to let them outside or in their stalls. Torshel presents the first commercial horse and livestock storm shelter. We research a lot about the best way to protect them and here are the results.

About Our Safe Rooms: Each safe room has been engineered and carefully designed using all our expertise and always keeping in mind the wellbeing of the horses. Torshel Horse Safe Room is made of ¼” structural steel ASTMA36(American Society for Testing and Materials). The dimensions are 10’ wide by 24’ long and 8’ height; this space allows plenty of room for up to 6 horses comfortably.


On each long side of the safe room, we have installed 6 doors, each one opens outwards independently, so you can work with one horse at the time. Each door is heavy-duty steel reinforced even more than our regular safe rooms for people. They come with 2 air intakes and one bullet resistant window. To “load” the horse easily, you can open the next door to create a wide-open space and the horse will be more willing to enter.


Our backdoors are an amazing feature for hard to load horses. You can enter the horse from one side, and an assistant hand can close the door on the back, and you can exit on the opposite site leaving the horse into the safe room.

Two-Piece Doors:

This is another excellent feature for feeding, watering or just giving some fresh air to the horse. The bottom part remains locked, while the upper part can be opened for the above-mentioned purposes. Food and Water: On the bottom part of the door, you will find an optional waterer and feeder. You can also get your own hay bag or toys and hook them into the D rings welded around the wools and ceilings.


Each space is assigned for 4’W x 10’L, but you can remove the dividers and make it into two big spacesof10’ x 12’. Then, it becomes a single stable and the horses can move freely. This could work for a pregnant mare or a sick horse. Each divider is made of wood wrapped with carpet, with 9” x60” pads so the sides will be gentle to the animal. Insert them into the welded U pockets and place a pin, the height is 5’, 6’ or 7’ depending on your needs.


Each safe room comes with electrical boxes for the installation of electricity according to your local codes. A licensed electrician should finish this installation. The unit comes with 2 light switches, 4 ceiling lights, and 4 outlets, one per side. These outlets are used to connect an AC unit, cameras or any device that you may need.

Air Conditioning: 

Often, it’s raining when tornadoes or hurricanes occur. Therefore, is not very hot or cold at such time. However, if you want the horses to have the best temperature, we provide optional AC units -2 per safe room. The AC unit will be installed on a box outside of the shelter. There are 4 holes on the short side of the safe room, you can install and access it from the outside.


There are 4 spaces specifically designed to install cameras inside the safe room, so you can observe how the horses are doing from the distance or overseas (must be connected to the internet).


Some horses like music, and we thought about this as an option. When severe weather happens, the horses may be anxious or nervous by the sound, wind or the tornado approaching. We suggest practicing with them first and play some music, so they will listen to the music instead of the sounds and maybe a little more comfortable. Do not play “La Cucaracha”…!

Concrete Slab And Anchoring Options: 

Concrete slab reinforcement in new construction for indoor installations, where the safe room will be part of a bigger facility. Designate an area of 14’ W x 28’ L x 12” H of 6,000 PSI concrete with one layer of ½” rebar every 12”. Torshel comes to install the unit 10 days after the concrete is poured and cured. You must make sure that you follow this layout so the rebar can be avoided when installing the anchors.

Existing Buildings: 

Core Footings add $3,000
Existing buildings with a 4”- 6” concrete slab thickness, must be at least 20’ W min by 30’ L to meet the criteria and weight desired.

Due to the size of this unit, Torshel recommends using the core footing method, which consists of six 8” diameter x 32” deep holes, refilled with 5,000 PSI concrete, and using 8 J-shape anchors-1” x 20”, the remaining anchors will be 1” x 4”. Before performing this method, please call 811 or the equivalent, to make sure that there are no utility lines running under the slab. This method cannot be accomplished if the slab has post tension cables.

Outdoor Safe Rooms: 

This one will be the most common installation. Here we have two options:You pour the concrete slab following our guidelines or we can do it on a first trip. Torshel recommends a solid concrete slab of 20’ W x 34’ L x 10” H of 6,000 PSI concrete with fiber and one layer of ½” rebar every 12”. Prior to pouring the concrete, 30 core-footings will be made. Each core-footing consists of a hole of 8” x 32”. By using this method, we make sure that the concrete slab will be properly anchored to the ground. For these particular units, 22 cubic  yards of concrete (88,000 lb.) are used. One concrete truck has a capacity for carrying 7 – 8 cubic yards, so a minimum of 3 trucks will be required. Make sure that you follow our criteria and the layout of the rebar, so we can avoid them when the safe room will be anchored. The ½” rebar will be laid at a height of 5” and every 12”


1) First trip – Construction of a concrete slab:
After the curing process has taken place (approximately 10 days), a second trip is made.

2) Second trip: Proceed with the actual installation of the unit:
The unit (s) will come on a flatbed truck, if you have heavy-duty equipment to unload the shelter, we can use it or you can provide an employee to helps us unloading and setting it in place. Or we can bring our tele-handler or crane to unload and put it in place.


*Horse Shelter Safe Room Only.

For stables, ranches, farms, and companies that have the equipment to unload the unit(s) from a flatbed truck, and the human resources to install the unit; Torshel can ship you the horse safe room(s) to your site, and you can install it. The units weight approximately 15,000 lbs. each.

Installation -Extra Fee:

Torshel can install the unit for you anywhere in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Kentucky, and Georgia. For sites located within 500 miles of the Jackson, MS, area, there are no additional charges. This radius covers Memphis, TN; Shreveport LA; New Orleans, LA; Hattiesburg, MS, Tuscaloosa, and Birmingham, AL. Small delivery fees apply for installations over 500 miles of Jackson, MS.We can also send our crew to longer distances such as California, New York, and Canada If you order several units that will require installation by Torshel in the East, West, North or South coast of the continental USA, the delivery fees may be waived.

Safe Room Transportation:

The horse storm shelter is transported on a 48’ long flatbed truck, we can load two safe rooms per trip, saving you and us a lot of money and time. Your best investment is when you buy two units.

The truck will come with an “oversized” sign in front and on the back.  We must make sure that the destination site has room for an eighteen-wheeler. Roads and paths to be used by these trucks must also be able to resist such loads.

Moving the Safe Room:

These units can be moved with a heavy-duty tele-handler or forklift with a capacity to lift 15,000 lbs. Make sure forks and heavy-duty chains are used to hold the units.

Using a Crane:

These safe rooms come with several D Rings on the top. Units will be move with the aid of heavy-duty chains.Anchoring:

Torshel uses the latest technology applied by HILTI anchors. They are the best in the market for the commercial structural industry.Once the safe room is in its final resting place, anchors are secured in the pre-drilled holes located at the base of the unit. A hammer drill is used to make a hole inside the slab -1” diameter x 10” deep. The safe room has a base with a hole every 12”. After the drilling, the holes will be cleaned properly using a vacuum cleaner. Then an anchor will be inserted and hammered all the way to the bottom and then tightened at 110 lbs. Each anchor comes with a head that opens once it is inserted into the concrete. The metal expands inside the concrete, locking the anchor forever. The only way to remove the anchors is to break the concrete. One anchor is installed ever 12”, each anchor is 1” diameter x 10” in length. When installed, each anchor will have over 20,000 lbs of tension capacity. The safe room has 40 anchors, which translates into over 800,000 lbs.of pull up capacity. The concrete and the slab will have a total weight of close to 100,000 lbs. and it will be anchored to the ground by core-footings. By using all the above-mentioned technique, Torshel is exceeding all the anchor requirements, and the safe room will be kept in place without damages in case of an EF5 tornado with winds of over 250 MPH. If you are interested in investing and protecting your horses, you can come to visit us or a sales rep can come to visit you and your facilities. However nowadays technology makes things easier. Take pictures, videos and the dimensions of the area where you want the horse shelter and we can start working a plan, if needed we can visit you. Otherwise we can present you a formal proposal, if you like it we can move forward with the installation.