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Mississippi and Alabama History of Tornadoes

History of Long-Lasting and Dangerous Tornadoes

Mississippi and Alabama have a history of long-lasting and dangerous tornadoes. EF4/EF5 tornadoes that are violent and strong tend to peak in April, and this is supported in recent memory by the Tuscaloosa Birmingham tornado of April 27, 2011. In 2012, Alabama was hit by a total of 52 tornadoes.

No matter where you live, a tornado shelter might be necessary, but Alabama is particularly vulnerable and thus, having a storm shelter could save much more lives. Many in the Deep South are familiar with the emergency steps needed to survive, but a proper shelter could increase all odds of safety. Those who live in Alabama should also consider installing a storm shelter for the following reasons.

  1. Wind patterns in the Deep South make residents vulnerable. Alabama is bordered by the Gulf Coast, and the warmer air often makes contact with cold air that increases the chances of devastating storms.
  2. Storm shelters are relatively simple to install. Qualified tornado shelter installers will be able to install an underground shelter or a safe room to an existing home. They can also work with home builders or construction companies to incorporate a shelter into the construction of a new home, office, church, or other type of building.
  3. Storm shelters increase the monetary value of existing homes and buildings. Alabama is considered a good “value for money” state; one in which rent costs are affordable and homes are still cheaper than more competitive areas such as California or New York City. Having a storm shelter could contribute an increase of up to 3% to your home. This will help you have an edge over other homeowners in case you ever decide to move or lease your property. Given the unpredictable nature of the real estate market, this could be a great help as well.
  4. Saving lives is the utmost priority. Homes in the Deep South are often built with materials that cannot withstand strong winds. The Deep South also has the highest number of residents who live in mobile homes, and this increases the number of casualties experienced in the region during a tornado. Shelter manufacturers such as Torshel only sell shelters and safe rooms that surpass FEMA requirements and have been proven to be able to withstand EF5 category storms.

Today there are many technological advances that allow people to be prepared for tornadoes, but this usually means people in areas affected by them have about 15 minutes to react to the situation. A tornado shelter allows people to immediately seek refuge when the situation becomes exceptionally dangerous.

Cities such as Tuscaloosa have also been working hard ever since the 2011 Tuscaloosa-Birmingham tornado to seek federal funding and participate in programs from FEMA to increase tornado education and safety initiatives. Though it is always in the best interest to hope that such tornadoes do not strike again, nature is unpredictable and preparation is the best way to save lives and reduce injuries and losses caused by tornadoes.

Being based in the Deep South, Torshel is committed to helping residents of Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana stay safe in the event of a tornado. Torshel sells underground shelters and safe rooms of different sizes to help keep various types of buildings safe in the event of a natural catastrophe. Our courteous and professional installers and sales representatives will be happy to work with you and guarantee professional service that only keeps your safety in mind and home, office, church, or facility intact.