Shipping available to the USA and Canada

Commercial Safe Room Storm Shelter -Torshel 820

Commercial Safe Room Storm Shelter -Torshel 820

$29,950.00 plus MS Only tax

This model is designated for commercial purposes. Excellent for smalls businesses, such as stores, gas stations, banks, offices, fire and police stations, apartment, and complexes. It has room for bunker beds and it can be installed indoors or outdoors.

Installation available anywhere in the USA. Small trip fees to be discussed with Torshel. Client Questionnaire




$ 29,500-Installation included anywhere in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Kentucky, and Georgia. For sites located within 500 miles of the Jackson, MS, area, there are no additional charges. This radius covers: Memphis, TN; Shreveport LA; New Orleans, LA; Hattiesburg, MS, Tuscaloosa, and Birmingham, AL.

Small delivery fees apply for installations over 500 miles of Jackson, MS.

If you order several units that will require installation by Torshel in the East, West, North or South coast of the continental USA, the delivery fees maybe waived.

$22,000-Safe Room Only
For construction companies that have the equipment to unload the unit(s) from a flatbed truck, and the human resources to install the unit; Torshel can ship you the safe room(s) to your site, and you can install them. The units weight approximately 12,000 lbs. each. This means that you will need a telehandler or crane to handle the units.

Shipping charges may be from $1,200 to $3,000 depending on the distance. Contact us for a quote.

If you need to offer protection to more than 100 people, Torshel recommends positioning several 8 x 10 or 8 x 20 units, one next to each other or separated. This way, you save money and offer more comfort to the occupants of the units.




  • Size: 8’ W x 20’ L x 6’4” H. 160 SF
  • Capacity for 32-50 people (FEMA: 5SF/person/commercial, 3 SF/person/ residential use)
  • Exceeds FEMA 320, 361 and ICC 500 protocols
  • Rated for EF5 tornadoes, 250 MPH winds
  • Desert sand powder coated
  • Texas Tech Tested
  • Passed Torshel’s Extreme Testing
  • 3/16″ exterior skin steel plate reinforced with a 1.5″ x 3.25″ x 3/16″ channel sub frame
  • 8, 8″ custom designed air vents and windows
  • Bullet resistant window
  • 3/16″ Precision laser cut ADA compliant door with 1.5″ x 3.25″ x 3/16″ channel reinforcement and 4 heavy-duty hinges, and 4 heavy-duty “T” shape slide locks.
  • 2 wheelchair accessible doors, can open to the inside or outside, and can be placed on any side of the shelter
  • Cast iron door handle (included) or Commercial Keypad lock –Grade Level 1. $200
  • 8 removable benches and shelves
  • Emergency kits with crank radios, flash lights, and phone chargers
  • Electricity: LED lights battery powered
  • Made in the USA

Optional Features

  • AC duct $100
  • Portable Air Conditioner -$500
  • Outdoor gas generator in a box $1,000
  • Commercial Level 1 electronic keypad lock $200

Installation available anywhere in the USA. Small trip fees to be discussed with Torshel.

Concrete Slab and Anchoring Options 

New Construction

Designate an area of 12’ W x 24’ L x 12” H of 5,000 PSI concrete with one layer of ½” rebar every 12”. Torshel comes to install the unit 10 days after the concrete is poured and cured.

Existing Buildings

Core Footings -$999

Due to the size of this unit, Torshel recommends using the corefooting method, which consists of 12, 8” diameter by 32” deep holes, refilled with concrete, and using 12 J-shape anchors, ¾” by 18” the remaining anchors will be ¾” x 4”.

Before performing this method, please call 811 or the equivalent, to make sure that there are no utilities under the slab. This method cannot be done if the slab has post tension cables.

Outdoor Safe Rooms (Two trips):

Torshel recommends an area of at least 14’ W x 28’ L x 10” H of 5,000 PSI concrete with one layer of ½” rebar every 12”. We will make 30-footings for the slab; each hole is 8” x 32”. By using this method, we make sure that the concrete slab will be properly anchored to the ground. For these particular units, 13 cubic yards of concrete (52,000 lb.) are used. A wheelchair ramp can be added at no extra cost. In addition, this installation method will involve two trips to the site:

1)   First trip: Construction of a concrete slab – After the curing process has taken place (approximately 7-10 days), a second trip is made.

2)Second trip: Proceed with the actual installation of the unit.