Shipping available to the USA and Canada



$7,500.00 plus MS Only tax

$6,800 Cash Price*

This is one of our most popular models. It provides enough space in which family members can comfortably gather.

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$6,800 Cash Price: Installation Included.
Cash price when paid with cash, check or certified check, debit or credit card/ All items in stock Custom orders available, custom sizes available by special order. MS Residents add 7%. 

$7,500 Retail Price: Installation Included.

Shipping Available to USA and Canada. Prices start at $499, depending on your location and whether you have a crane, excavator or forklift on site to unload it. Contact us for a quote!

The delivery will take from 1- 2 weeks. You can hire a local contractor to install it for you. On average, it will take them 1 day.

Torshel will provide you the list of tools needed and guidelines. We suggest hiring somebody who has experience with excavations and heavy equipment.

Some equipment needed: Mini excavator similar to Bobcat 42, John Deer 50 and a dump trailer if you need to haul the dirt.


*Installation included anywhere in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Kentucky, and Georgia. For sites located with 250 miles of the Jackson, MS, area there are no additional charges. This radius covers: Memphis, TN; Shreveport LA; New Orleans, LA; Hattiesburg, MS, Tuscaloosa, and Birmingham, AL. If you live farther away, Torshel will deliver and install your shelter along the installation of other units within your area.

In addition, Torshel sends its teams to Dallas, Nashville, Atlanta, and Northeast Florida. If you live adjacent to these cities, Torshel can bring your shelter during its next trip. A low delivery fee ($100 to $500) may apply. Ask your family, neighbors, and friends, in case they would like to acquire a safe room also. There are no trip fees for two shelter units that are to be installed within a 100 miles radius of each other.

Torshel has installed hundreds of in-ground shelters throughout Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, and surrounding states.

Interested in installing an underground shelter? Contact us today at (601) 500-7275.


  • Medium Underground Shelter Specifications
    • Capacity for 10-12 people
    • Steel construction
    • 5 ft. L x 7 ft. W x 5’4″ H
    • 10 GA walls and 3/16″ steel plate door
    • Easy lifting door design
    • Bullet resistant window
    • Rust-resistant coating
    • 1 sacrificial magnesium anode
    • Commercial grade weatherproofing
    • Coal Tar Epoxy coating to prevent corrosion
    • Aluminum built-in steps and seating, removable stairs to make extra room
    • Removable handrail
    • Built-in ventilation
    • Exceeds FEMA guidelines
    • 2 battery powered fans (last 16 hours)
    • 2 battery powered LED lights (last 16 hours)
    • 3-ton hydraulic jack
    • Shelter must be registered with local or state emergency agencies
    • Lock available for this unit – check out our Upgrades