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Purchase a Storm Shelter

It doesn’t matter if you where you live, Torshel can come to you and install your storm shelter.

 Buying a storm shelter is an important decision and Torshel is committed to helping you choose the best type of shelter for both your home and budget. Both underground shelters and safe rooms offer maximum protection for storms. We encourage our clients to compare the quality of our shelters, methods of installation and the reputation of the company they will choose to install their new storm shelter. There have been a few cases where companies poorly installed in-ground (underground) shelters that slip out of the ground or cases in which a person died inside a safe room because due to poor design. Some companies put profit above the lives of those who will use their products.

At Torshel we work to make sure that we save and help protect as many lives as possible. We only install the highest quality storm shelters available in the market and stand behind our work by offering a 10 year warranty. We make ourselves available before and after the shelter’s installation.

In ground (underground) or above ground storm shelter?

In-ground shelters that are professionally installed offer maximum protection against tornadoes, but are not recommended for people that live in flood-prone areas, near a river or lake, high water tables. They are also not recommended for those who are on a wheelchair or for elderly customers.

If you have limited space in your garage an in ground storm shelter is a great option. Those who live in a mobile home, do not have a garage or maybe have a garage with post tension cables can use an outdoor in ground shelter.

Prior of buying your in-ground shelter you must call the 811 to ensure that no utilities are in the area of installation.

Our safe rooms offer protection against tornadoes up to EF5 and have been rigorously tested. They meet or surpass FEMA’s rigorous standards and can be also used for protection against hurricanes. Advantages of a safe room: