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How To Purchase


How To Purchase Your Shelter
Step 1.
Call or email us and we will go over the details, and answer any questions and concerns.
If you are ready to buy a shelter, we must receive a signed contract from you prior to shipping or installation. You can complete the contract online or download a PDF version using the “download contract” option below. If you choose to fill out a paper version of the contract, please sign, scan, and e-mail it to


Step 2.
Torshel offers storm shelters and safe rooms of different dimensions suited to different family and business needs.

There are a few options to buy your shelter, including:

  • DIY (Do It Yourself). Choose the unit and we will ship it to you; this option works for the modular and prefabricated safe rooms and in-ground shelters, as well.


  • Installation included. If you live in the region where we install them, we suggest contacting us first to discuss some details about the installation. We will need pictures, dimensions of the chosen area, lead-time, and additional logistics. Once this information is received, we will give you a quote. If you agree to the price, Torshel will send you an invoice. A 50% down payment must be received before delivery and installation.

Permits. Some counties require a permit for in ground installation. Generally, for an above ground safe room, there is no permit required. Please check with your local authorities first. Any permit fee will be at the client’s expense.