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Storm Shelters in Tennessee

Torshel sells underground shelters, safe rooms, and community shelters. Safe rooms start at $3,450 and our underground shelters start at $4,200 for small sizes. We also work with clients to make sure financing is available and keep up with grants, rebates, or loans that can help make our products more accessible to all clients. Contact us with any additional questions you may have or see our FAQ. We look forward to serving you!

 The state of Tennessee is affected by powerful storms statewide, though Memphis, TN is also affected greatly by tornadoes that may occur in Mississippi, Arkansas, and Alabama. We serve the entire state including the areas of Memphis, TN.

Tennessee was affected by the Super Tuesday Tornado outbreak of 2008. 87 tornadoes formed in various states and affected Memphis and Jackson, TN. Part of Arkansas, Northern Mississippi, and Alabama were also affected. In 2013 there were 26 tornadoes recorded in Tennessee by the NOAA.

Like many of its southern neighbors, Tennessee is affected by tornadoes in its neighbor states. Storms in Tennessee are likely to occur at night and can be covered by trees. The state also has a high number of mobile homes, which puts those who reside in them at risk during lower category tornadoes. Southern tornadoes can also get faster and stronger than those in the Plains states due to weather patterns affected by the Gulf of Mexico. The state is also relatively flat and prone to strong tornadoes that could also affect neighboring areas due to their high winds.