Shipping available to the USA and Canada

Underground Storm Shelters Outdoor

For clients that live in mobile homes or do not have a garage, we offer the underground outdoor shelters. 

In addition, if you have post tension cables, or utilities inside the garage, but still want an in- ground shelter, this shelter is your best option.

Such shelters are easier to install; there is nothing to cut, and the process is faster.

They come with one door with a gas cylinder, and lifts up instead of sliding like the garage version.

We also include an anode to prevent corrosion, plus a hydraulic jack capable of lifting 8 tons.

Torshel will give you the GPS coordinates of your shelter so you can register with the local police and first responder agencies. They will come and look for you if devastation occurs in your area.

Underground outdoor shelters are not recommended for clients who live in a flooding zone, houses with high water tables, post tension cables, or family members who may have a hard time getting inside. Safe rooms are a better option for customers in these situations.

Before the installation, you must call 811 (before digging). We need to make sure that there are no utilities in the area where the shelter will be installed. This service is offered at no cost.

We offer the same sizes and prices of the in-ground garage shelters, with a $200 discount on all of them.

All Torshel Storm Safe Shelters have been tested and approved by Texas Tech Wind and Science. All of our shelters meet and exceed all of FEMA’s Guidelines.

 All Shelters come with carpet, stairs, benches and floor. A handrail is also included

Outdoor In Ground Storm Shelter Specifications

  • Steel construction
  • 1/4″ steel plate doors
  • Easy lifting door design
  • Rust-resistant coating
  • Commercial grade weatherproofing
  • Coal Tar Epoxy coating to prevent corrosion
  • Built-in steps and seating, removable stairs to make extra room
  • Built-in ventilation
  • Exceeds FEMA guidelines
  • Battery powered fans (last 16 hours)
  • Battery powered LED lights (last 16 hours)
  • 8 ton hydraulic jack with stand
  • Portable crank radio, flash light and whistle
  • Shelter must be registered with local or state emergency agencies