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Anchoring Methods

How Is The Shelter Anchored To The Slab? We Have Different Methods

Standard installation -Concrete In Good Conditions

The anchoring is just as important as the rest of the structure of the safe room. Concrete pads are usually 4-inches thick, and they have plenty of mass and weight to secure the unit. Torshel only uses HILTI expansion bolts, and Epoxy Anchors (3/4- inch diameter by 4, ¾- inch length) -one every 12”. Once installed, each bolt withstands 10,000 pounds of pullout pressure. Depending on the size of the shelter, the installation will require between 13 to 50 bolts.

Corefooting ($850 extra)

If you have cracked concrete, a small concrete slab, or just want the ultimate locking system, Torshel brings a concrete core drill to make 4 holes, one per each corner of the shelter. Each footing will be 8” in diameter x 32” deep, wider on the bottom. Such holes will be refilled with 3,000 PSI concrete; then the safe room will be placed, one J-shape anchor (3/4” x 18”) will be used in each hole; the rest will be the standard anchors. By using this method, even if the concrete fails, the shelter will still be kept in place.

If you have post-tension cables, the Torshel team can bring a scanner to locate them and avoid drilling where they are located. Prior to buying your in-ground shelter, you must call the 811 to ensure that no buried utilities are in the chosen area of installation. The builder in charge of the construction of the house can also be contacted for this purpose.

New Constructions

The standard option works fine, but Torshel recommends 8-10 inches of thickness and 2 feet wider than the unit to be installed. As stated before, 3/4” x 7” HILTI anchors will be used every 12”. Each unit has 22,000 lb. of shear capacity.   

Outdoor Safe Rooms

A) Torshel can install a 4,000-PSI concrete slab with footings. Each footing is 8” wide x 32” deep; depending on the size of the safe room, 4 footings will be made, one every 4-5’. For example, if you order a large 4’ x 8’ safe room, the slab will be 8’ W x 12’ L x 10” H, with 12 footings. For such project, 4 to 5 cubic yards of concrete will be used, each yard weights 4,000 lb., the concrete itself will weight over 16,0000 lb. 3/4” x 7”, HILTI anchors will be used every 12”. Each unit has 22,000 lb. of shear capacity. This method will keep the concrete in place, since it is anchored deep in the ground. A 40” wide wheelchair ramp is installed at no extra cost.

B)With the specifications mentioned above, the customer can put the slab in, or get a contractor to do it. After the concrete is cured (7-10 days), Torshel comes to install your safe room.