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Home Builders

We want to partner with you

Many clients and home builders are choosing Torshel. For this reason, we are proud to enter into partnerships with home builders who want to make our shelters available to their clients.

Why collaborate with Torshel?

  • Storm shelters are the new safety trend in the industry
  • They increase the home’s value
  • Houses with shelters sell faster
  • Affordable cost and easy installation
  • Our shelters protect residents from even EF5 tornadoes

Our home builder clients get:

  • Commissions for custom houses
  • Discounts for spec houses
  • Priority for installations
  • Wholesale prices for subdivisions

We can also ship our shelters to you anywhere in the US and you can hire a professional to install for you.

If you have several houses or are starting a subdivision, we can offer you huge discounts. Torshel can send a crew with up to 20 units at the time. We have the capacity to install several units per day if the shelters are needed in the same area.

“Innovation is change that unlocks new value” Jamie Notter

As a home builder your main objective is to provide a nice and safe place to live for families that purchase your houses.

Torshel is committed to helping builders reach those objectives by encouraging them to install storm shelters as a feature of each house.

Innovation is key for the success of any business and adding a storm shelter will take your company to a new level.

Each year families hide in the bathtub when a tornado approaches their city. At Torshel we are committed to working closely with home builders so we can offer peace of mind to all clients.


According to Dr. Kevin Simmons, Professor of Economics at Austin College, Texas, a storm shelter increases the value of your property by 3.5%!  If your home is sold for $200,000, adding a storm shelter could increase its value by $7,000! Our shelters start at just $3,950, installation included; by just adding a shelter, you can earn an extra $3,000!

Our shelters are manufactured in Oklahoma, exceeding FEMA’s requirements and have undergone tests performed by the by the University of Texas. Our skilled technicians can install such units in residential garages, backyards or patios in less than 8 hours! We offer different models to suit your needs. Our units can hold from 2 to 26 people.

Safe rooms.

We regularly install safe rooms under the stairs (in two story homes), in a closet next to the master bedroom, in a close in the kitchen or in the garage. We bring a hydraulic trailer and pull the unit with a pallet jack; therefore the area must be flat. There will be a $450 fee if we need to use a forklift. Electricity (safe rooms) and water (in ground) must be available at the job site.

In ground storm shelters.

The best place to install an in-ground shelter is in the garage. Leave a space without concrete and we come to install the unit before framing or afterwards. Do not install any utilities under garage and if post tension cables will be used, leave the area without them.

Feel free to contact us so we can begin a fruitful relationship. We will be glad to bring a display shelter to your business or you can schedule a meeting with Torshel’s General Manager at