Shipping available to the USA and Canada

Safe Room Relocation + Installation

Torshel, in addition to offering in-ground and aboveground tornado shelters for sale, provides a relocation and installation service to those who have purchased units from us or from competitors. While conducting the relocation and installation, Torshel professional trained installers can follow the unit’s manufacturer’s installation methods or Torshel’s procedures. Whichever method, we consider to be most appropriate.


The cost for this type of service varies based on distance from the client’s previous place of residence to the new home.

For example, moving a safe room from Madison, MS to Brandon, MS., fees will start at $990.
Moving a safe room from Jackson, MS to Memphis, TN, fess will start at $1,900.
From Memphis, TN to Dallas, TX moving fess will starts at $2,900.

Un-Anchoring Process

During the un-anchoring process of existing secured units, the nuts and washers from the anchors are removed. The unit is then lifted, and placed on a pallet jack or wheels, and loaded to a tilt trailer. The existing anchors will be cut to ground level with the concrete slab. Then, our installers will relocate the unit to the new site; unload and install it with new anchors. This service is available for above ground storm shelters only, either welded or modular (bolt-together panels) shelters.

Installation of Shelters Sold by Other Companies

There have been instances where clients have received shelters as gifts, have ordered online, or have bought it from someone else. In such cases, Torshel can install your above ground safe room following the manufacturer’s instructions or by using our professional methods. Such decision will be determined after considering the geographical location, the type of unit, and the condition of the foundation/slab where the shelter will rest. No warranty is offered on non-Torshel’s products.

Installation fees start at $990.

Prices change depending on the need to rent and bring heavy equipment, as well as your geographical location.

Give us a call to discuss further details.