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Storm Shelters in Pine Bluff

The 9th largest city in Arkansas, the area is vulnerable to large tornadoes. According to data, the largest tornado to ever hit Pine Bluff was an EF4 that took 5 lives and caused 16 injuries. Torshel proudly makes its storm shelters available to area and works with the Oklahoma Credit Union to help ease any possible financial burdens.

We offer underground shelters and safe rooms to accommodate families of various sizes and can work with construction companies to install these while homes are being built. We can also work with existing houses and always ensure your home is just as clean when we leave as when we arrived. Torshel’s shelters have been tested and can withstand EF5 tornadoes. They also meet or exceed FEMA’s protection standards and include ventilation. Certain customizations are available for tall sizes or more leg room and our worked is backed by our 10 year warranty.