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Storm Shelters in Shreveport

Torshel proudly offers its shelters and safe rooms to the Shreveport, LA area. Our storm shelters are rigorously tested and meet or exceed FEMA’s stringent standards. Underground shelters can be installed within a day and safe rooms can be installed within 2-3 hours. Whats more, we use rods to secure our underground shelters and a steel frame to secure our safe rooms for maximum protection. We also back our work with a 10 year warranty.

According to data Shreveport, LA is at risk to an average of 3 tornadoes per year. In 1950 an F4 tornado took 18 lives and caused 77 injuries. Though storm cellars and basements may give people a false sense of protection, an above ground shelter or safe room can help reduce casualties and keep families safe in the event of a strong tornado. Safe rooms can also be used as panic rooms and to store valuables during tornadoes. Contact us for more information.