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Tornado Effects Hattiesburg, West Hattiesburg and Petal Communities

The state of Mississippi receives tornadoes every year. Residents statewide are vulnerable to their effects. In February 2013 the Hattiesburg, West Hattiesburg, and Petal communities were devastated by an EF4 category tornado. The actual tornado in question was so strong that on that day tornado warnings were made in four different states, including Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Parts of the University of Mississippi, Hattiesburg High School and Oak Grove High School were significantly damaged because of the tornado. As a result, President Barack Obama declared Mississippi a federal disaster area, and Governor Phil Bryant declared a state of emergency. Thankfully no lives were lost, but there were 82 injuries. Marion, Lawrence, Forest, and Lamar counties were affected by these hurricanes as a result.

The state of Mississippi and its residents were especially impacted by the February 2013 tornadoes. The Red Cross and Salvation Army had to work hard to distribute food to people who needed it. Up to 13,000 people lost power, and the Mississippi State Department of Health even gave free tetanus shots to vulnerable residents. As Mississippi was also hit by tornadoes, other tornadoes hit the state of Alabama as well.

Schools were also greatly impacted, especially since many school buses were destroyed as a result of the tornado, and Hattiesburg residents had to use or borrow schools buses from other local districts.

In December 2014, south Mississippi’s residents once again received a tornado. Marion County was hit by an EF3 tornado that destroyed homes and businesses in the area. A total of five lives were lost, including two residents of a mobile home.

With the impact tornadoes have had on Mississippi’s history and infrastructure over the years, it’s imperative that folks in south Mississippi and the Gulf Coast are prepared for a tornado’s impacts. As the premier provider of tornado shelters and safe rooms in Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana, Torshel is here to serve the community and help save lives by giving locals a chance to purchase a shelter that will keep them safe.

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